Springbrook Author Launches Mirror Image

Barbara Held of Springbrook, Wisconsin, recently released Mirror Image a historical fiction time travel adventure for middle grade children.

“I’ve always loved writing,” said Held. “I started writing poetry when I was about eleven.” Over time, she wrote picture books (in verse) for some family members that her mom then illustrated. Later Held took classes through the Institute of Children’s Literature. During one of those classes, a first draft of the historical fiction fantasy began developing into Mirror Image.

The inspiration for Mirror Image came from Held’s time as a child spent on her grandparents’ farm in Redmound, Wisconsin. Because time travel has always intrigued Held, it seemed fitting to combine both in this chapter book for preteens.

Twelve-year-old reader Joanna stated, “I loved it!” Hannah, age 9, said, “I really enjoyed the book. I really enjoyed the time travel.” Area author, Sally Bair, says, “Barb Held’s book, “Mirror Image,” will be a hit with kids—and adults—who enjoy stories about time travel. The transitions between jumps in time are smooth, the characters exude with emotion, and the historical facts about life in each time segment are accurate. I give it a thumbs up rating.”

Held’s book is available at Northwind Book & Fiber-Spooner, Nordic

Northwoods-Hayward, Redbery Books-Cable and Held’s website

            This book would make a perfect, long lasting, wholesome gift for preteens, as wells as teens.

“I know this is going to sound crazy, but it’s true. I’m not Julie. I didn’t fall out of a tree and lose my memory. I’m Jennifer. I was pulled into my bathroom mirror at home in 2009, and ended up here in 1958 and everyone thinks I’m Julie, but I’m not.”

BElieve THEre is GOOD


THEre is




Some volunteers for Faith in Action just received a T-shirt with this message.

I thought I would share it.


Give of yourself. Give food, money, clothes.

Share your time, your talents.

Give a smile, a hug. Give—not to get back.

Show respect, compassion, sympathy.

Practice patience, understanding, empathy.

Give love. Don’t give to get back.

Give freely, expecting nothing.

Give—not to get back. But to show God’s love.

To give thanks for all He has given.

Share all that you have.

All that you are. Each day.

Give—not to get back.

Give your heart, your mind, your energy

Each day give the best of yourself.

To say—Thank you, God.

Copyright by Barbara Held


All people are God’s children.

Not just Caucasians. Not just Blacks.

Not just Native American. Not just Hispanics.

Not just Oriental. Not just Asian.

Not just Gentiles. Not just Jews.

Not just you. Not just me.

God made us all. He loves us all.

We are brothers and sisters made in His image.

When did we go astray?

When did we forget this fundamental truth?

God separated people at the Tower of Babel.

Because we thought ourselves superior.

Because we thought ourselves beyond needing God.

We were wrong then and we are still wrong.

It is time to turn back to God.

It is time to reach out to our neighbors.

It is time to know our neighbors.

It is time to respect our neighbors.

It is time to love our neighbors like sisters and brothers.

It is time to love as Jesus taught us to love.

It is time to turn back to God,

To love and worship God and His Son, Jesus Christ, who can save us all.

It is time to turn back to God, to receive His love.

To show that love to all our neighbors.

Copyright by Barb Held



Justice for All


Do I have to be Black to be angry at the injustice in the world?

Do I have to be Black to be afraid to walk, or jog, or bird watch?

Do I have to be Black to be sad because a fellow human being was murdered by police?

Do I have to be Black to be heartbroken because of the violence overlooked?


No. Because—I am not Black.

But I am angry at injustice.

Afraid for those who can’t walk, or jog, or bird watch without fear.

Afraid for those who are mistreated and racially profiled.

Sad for death uncalled for.

Heartbroken for those who have lived with injustice their whole lives.


I am ashamed of those who perpetrate evil and those who look on but do nothing.

I am embarrassed our Country will not step up and do the right thing.

Change the laws. Force police to be accountable for their actions.

Our leaders must be brave. Do the right thing. Change the system.

All people should have the same rights of freedom and justice for all.

Where have I heard that before?


Copyright by Barbara Held






I felt restless today even before I got out of bed. No special plans. Not much to do. I didn’t want to clean. I don’t usually get bored. Too much I can do, but nothing was grabbing me. When I am home, I always feel a need to accomplish something, to be productive. With the Corona virus, I am home waaaay too often. I was feeling a need to do something different. Something fun.

After breakfast, I took my coffee to the deck, early before the heat of the day began. Sat in my rocker and relaxed. Even though I had done almost nothing as of yet. What a peaceful time. A thankful time for all God has given me.

I could hear the traffic on the highway. Lots of cars. People going to and fro. But also, the birds were singing their thanks to God. The wind whispered through the leaves, “God is good. God is great.” The green of the trees against the blue vastness of the sky, the white marshmallow clouds moving across the expanse enhancing the beauty God prepared for me this day. So that I could and would acknowledge His wisdom, His glorious majesty. And then the breeze tickled the chimes and they ring out, “Praise be to God for His faithful love endures forever. Amen.”



You are my God, and I will praise you!

You are my God, and I will exalt you!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!

His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 118: 28-29


In quiet times I think about my loved ones of the past,

When I was but a baby and my grandmas held me fast.


I feel the whisper of their prayers while rocking me to sleep,

Asking God to be with me—to comfort, guide and keep.


They gently rocked me in their arms, dropped kisses on my head.

Then with prayers for all that’s good, laid me in my bed.


I feel the love Mom gave me, when she tucked me in,

Prayers again for all that’s good—the way my life has been.


I treasure love Dad gave me, in his caring way,

Strength he gave to all of us every single day.


Tears are streaming down my cheek in thankfulness for all

Who prayed to God so long ago to help me should I fall.


Do prayers make a difference? How do we know for sure?

I know, for I believe in prayer when hearts are good and pure.


The faith of loved ones from the past has shown what I should do.

Tradition through the ages says that I should pray for you.


So, now I pray for those I love and hope that they will know

How very much they mean to me and that I love them so.


Copyright by Barb Held