I felt restless today even before I got out of bed. No special plans. Not much to do. I didn’t want to clean. I don’t usually get bored. Too much I can do, but nothing was grabbing me. When I am home, I always feel a need to accomplish something, to be productive. With the Corona virus, I am home waaaay too often. I was feeling a need to do something different. Something fun.

After breakfast, I took my coffee to the deck, early before the heat of the day began. Sat in my rocker and relaxed. Even though I had done almost nothing as of yet. What a peaceful time. A thankful time for all God has given me.

I could hear the traffic on the highway. Lots of cars. People going to and fro. But also, the birds were singing their thanks to God. The wind whispered through the leaves, “God is good. God is great.” The green of the trees against the blue vastness of the sky, the white marshmallow clouds moving across the expanse enhancing the beauty God prepared for me this day. So that I could and would acknowledge His wisdom, His glorious majesty. And then the breeze tickled the chimes and they ring out, “Praise be to God for His faithful love endures forever. Amen.”