Timmy in the Old West ~ A book by Barb Held

Front cover of Timmy in the Old West new book by Barb Held

It is 1884! Is this a dream?

Timmy’s life changed when his family moved into their new home. A new school, no friends and a bully making life miserable. After another distressing encounter with Leon, the bully, Timmy heads to his tree house. Crying, he thinks about his now deceased Grandpa who shared many stories about his upbringing on a cattle ranch. Grandpa would know what to do. Timmy yearned for this simpler life—a life away from Leon.

Still sniffling, Timmy suddenly feels himself drawn through the picture/door made by his dad for the tree house. He watches a buckboard pull up to a fence, a small boy sitting beside a cowboy. Then! Timmy is on the buckboard—instead of the other boy. How had this happened?

It is 1884! Is this a dream? Or time travel? Timmy misses his mom and dad but loves ranch life. He wants to go home—later. But for now, he is away from the bully—or is he?

Why is he here? To learn about ranch life? To be closer to his grandpa? To learn how to deal with bullies? How to protect himself? Or something more important about himself?

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"Barbara Held’s writing is authentic and genuine. As a reader, I experienced every emotion of the young protagonist and Held’s vernacular convinced me I was in 1884. ~
K.M. Waldvogel, author of Spies, Soldiers, Couriers, and Saboteurs: Women of the American Revolution."

"I really enjoyed your book. I loved the way Timmy traveled back in time, merging with the old-time Timmy. I like your realistic dialogue and situations, and the way your characters work out the bullying issue. I learned a lot about horses and ranch life. You pack a lot in a relatively short book. Sharon Rigby Osborn