In quiet times I think about my loved ones of the past,

When I was but a baby and my grandmas held me fast.


I feel the whisper of their prayers while rocking me to sleep,

Asking God to be with me—to comfort, guide and keep.


They gently rocked me in their arms, dropped kisses on my head.

Then with prayers for all that’s good, laid me in my bed.


I feel the love Mom gave me, when she tucked me in,

Prayers again for all that’s good—the way my life has been.


I treasure love Dad gave me, in his caring way,

Strength he gave to all of us every single day.


Tears are streaming down my cheek in thankfulness for all

Who prayed to God so long ago to help me should I fall.


Do prayers make a difference? How do we know for sure?

I know, for I believe in prayer when hearts are good and pure.


The faith of loved ones from the past has shown what I should do.

Tradition through the ages says that I should pray for you.


So, now I pray for those I love and hope that they will know

How very much they mean to me and that I love them so.


Copyright by Barb Held