Springbrook Author Launches Mirror Image

Barbara Held of Springbrook, Wisconsin, recently released Mirror Image a historical fiction time travel adventure for middle grade children.

“I’ve always loved writing,” said Held. “I started writing poetry when I was about eleven.” Over time, she wrote picture books (in verse) for some family members that her mom then illustrated. Later Held took classes through the Institute of Children’s Literature. During one of those classes, a first draft of the historical fiction fantasy began developing into Mirror Image.

The inspiration for Mirror Image came from Held’s time as a child spent on her grandparents’ farm in Redmound, Wisconsin. Because time travel has always intrigued Held, it seemed fitting to combine both in this chapter book for preteens.

Twelve-year-old reader Joanna stated, “I loved it!” Hannah, age 9, said, “I really enjoyed the book. I really enjoyed the time travel.” Area author, Sally Bair, says, “Barb Held’s book, “Mirror Image,” will be a hit with kids—and adults—who enjoy stories about time travel. The transitions between jumps in time are smooth, the characters exude with emotion, and the historical facts about life in each time segment are accurate. I give it a thumbs up rating.”

Held’s book is available at Northwind Book & Fiber-Spooner, Nordic

Northwoods-Hayward, Redbery Books-Cable and Held’s website

            This book would make a perfect, long lasting, wholesome gift for preteens, as wells as teens.

“I know this is going to sound crazy, but it’s true. I’m not Julie. I didn’t fall out of a tree and lose my memory. I’m Jennifer. I was pulled into my bathroom mirror at home in 2009, and ended up here in 1958 and everyone thinks I’m Julie, but I’m not.”