Great Grandma Elida Worman’s Poem

Mom gave me the following poem written by my Great Grandma Elida Worman. Mom thought it was written when she was a child because she remembers the log cabin Grandma writes about. Mom was born in 1930 and so this was a long time ago. I have not changed the poem and there was no title.


In a little log cabin quite cozy and neat, she sits by the fireside, toasting her feet.

Toasting her feet as she rocks to and fro, thinking of things that occurred long ago.

She’s thinking of days when her children were small. Her husband was robust and handsome and tall.

And she used to walk with a spring in her step but lately the years have claimed most of her pep.

Thus runs the memories, both bitter and sweet, as she sits by the fireside, toasting her feet.


But soon she awakes from her lone reverie and knows it is soon time to be brewing the tea.

And fixing the meal for her tired, hungry spouse, who’ll soon wend his way to the little log-house.

His axe on his shoulder, his cap drawn close, the cold wind is biting his cheeks, chin and nose.

Soon he’ll be stamping the snow from his feet and calling-“Mother, when do we eat?”


She turns from her work at the range with a smile. Says “T’won’t be long-you just rest for awhile.

I’ll take up the taters, the gravy and meat, bread butter and jam, maybe pie for a treat.

He takes off his mittens, his coat and his cap and washes his face while they merrily chat.

They finally sit down to eat their lone meal. The cheer they would feign is a far cry from real.


For they once knew the joy of a family not gone. Like others, they’ve drifted both hither and yon.

Now in their lonliness they think of the past and wonder why home-ties on earth cannot last.

The evening meal over, he goes to do chores, feeding the stock and closing up doors.

Seeing that windows and cracks are made tight to shut out the draft of a cold winter’s night.


His evening chores finished he turns to go back to his wife who is waiting in the little log shack.

He fills up his pipe and takes off his shoes and turns on the radio to get the late news.

Her dishes are done and all put away and soon they’ll be ready to call it a day!